Newton returns with a new groundbreaking notion –

Newton returns with a new revolutionary concept

For Newton, the main purpose was and is the constant development of goods and services provided to continue to be in the leading tastes of operators. Some time in the past Newton started the method of developing a new system that claims to stand out from everything that at the moment exists on the Romanian current market. The time has come for Newton to existing you with an progressive undertaking and a new eyesight. It will be the initiator of a new period in this business, the venture remaining centered on the possibility of each individual consumer to be exceptional, providing the most flexible program.

Newton returns and provides himself much better than at any time, remaining ready to shock you with a significant improvement of the program but also with a new strategy.

What he has ready for 2021 is a genuinely bold and innovative idea. Newton is indispensable for its prospects and has been in a position to supply them the greatest services on the Romanian market and even on the European industry. Consequently, it will expand and emphasis on bringing promoting devices derived from gaming, which can be adapted to other parts of action, for the reason that Newton has managed to identify solutions of buyer loyalty, no matter of whether the operator is in the subject of gambling or not.

A lot of businesses generally need to have an superior, safe and fluid administration program. As a result of its results in the gambling sector, Newton appreciates that it is the perfect partner that can provide its shoppers the most intricate and dynamic management program by way of building and procedure, and also the most basic and most secure way to apply it.

The intention of any organization is suitable regulate and assistance, which can be mostly supported by an progressive system. By employing an state-of-the-art administration program, we thank not only our operators, but also their clients who will have a greater working experience, implicitly a assured results of the small business.

Newton returns with a new revolutionary strategy
NEWTON system

The Newton process has usually been referred to as an “all in one” program for the reason that it gives Jackpot, Satisfied Hour, Checking, Accounting, Stability, Loyalty and Marketing capabilities. Basically, it is the perfect lover for those who want to set up their personal business enterprise, or in lots of instances, its improvement and development.

The new direction that the enterprise is producing is realized by using understanding about retention and revenue optimization to the gain of economic operators exterior the field of gambling. The process will be dependent on AI (artificial intelligence) engineering, working with equipment mastering to streamline the money of gambling operators in relation to the player.

It will also present a innovative solution to economic operators from other organization spots who want to make raffles and marketing pursuits for their consumers, guaranteeing both the technological and the authorized part.

System totally primarily based on cloud company (Kubernetes)

Stability is a popular issue for quite a few providers, recognizing the accelerated progress and diversification of the stability challenges they confront, but also the fact that they do not have the necessary interior techniques to acquire, integrate and deal with an efficient safety architecture..

Newton has won the believe in of customers through its safety process from the starting, but through its advancements it will be capable to protect persons, information and infrastructure at a increased degree. Newton’s company safety shields identities, manages obtain, stops threats with integrated, automatic protection, and apps and sources will be secured in the cloud. This technique essentially provides increased security by means of a simpler method.

The new process will provide unlimited scalability and no
. Operators have uncovered the performance and efficiency made available by Newton gear, but with the technological evolution, it desires to offer you its clients unlimited possibilities. The process will be able to present enhanced effects when added methods are extra, so it will help a increased load volume and make it possible for its growth without the need of failures.

Newton returns with a new revolutionary concept
newton sistem

Clients ought to also have an uninterrupted, unexpected practical experience. This eliminates the time when the system is unavailable or offline.
This is the end result of a program malfunction owing to an unplanned occasion or regimen routine maintenance. As a result of the new technique, Newton aims to get rid of any unplanned outages (breakdowns or communications failures), as a result providing a prime knowledge to latest buyers and upcoming operators. In addition, it will support at least 1 million slots.

Considerable improvements to the info selection process and maximized latency

An attention-grabbing aspect available by the program incorporates Android and iOS purposes with real time push notifications, which will give buyers the probability to usually be notified about all the essential details.

Newton is a enterprise that has a extremely excellent knowledge of info resources and their top quality, which provides the probability to combine their granularity to the moment as nicely as serious-time game figures.
With the acquisition and provision of true-time facts, latency is enormously enhanced when it will come to the method of details assortment, incrementing and awarding jackpots and the era of several stories.

Greater info circulation

The new method will attribute an increased details stream that will be achieved by means of the Business enterprise Intelligence system that permits the investigation of substantial volumes of details, on the net analytical processing, queries and reporting. If right until now companies had to change to the IT department to get hold of these experiences and analyzes, now they can be accessed as a result of the BI procedure, in an unbiased way.
Along with the improvement of the stability method, the anti fraud process will be upgraded to the new legislative changes that will deliver large security to both the participant and the sport operator.

newton new

The Newton workforce is aware of how critical it is to supply its operators with impeccable small business answers, so that purchaser desires will always be at the forefront. The desire for uniqueness implicitly brings the will need for innovation, and Newton is all set to proceed to be the perfect business enterprise husband or wife for operators in the gambling field but also opens its doorways to other regions of activity.