Playtech Signs a Multi-State Deal With Unibet Interactive

Playtech has entered into a multi-state partnership in the US to supply its online casino software to Unibet. [Image:]

Initial rollout in New Jersey

Playtech has announced that it has entered a multi-state deal in the United States with Kindred Group’s Unibet Interactive. As part of the agreement, Playtech will provide its RNG Casino software to Unibet, initially in the New Jersey market. In the coming months, the software will roll out across Unibet offerings in other states.

Playtech is a UK-based company that is a market leader in the gambling technology industry. Its software covers the likes of online casinos, live casinos, sports betting, poker, bingo, and virtual sports.

Playtech chief operating officer Shimon Akada welcomed the announcement, speaking about how Unibet provides a fantastic entertainment experience to its players in the US. In Thursday’s press release, he said: “Playtech continues to partner with the leading operators in New Jersey to bring its industry-leading Casino software to the U.S. market and we look forward to continuing to expand into new States.”

Kindred Group US senior vice president Manuel Stan spoke about the excitement of adding the Playtech Casino software to its New Jersey offering, saying: “Partnering with Playtech enables us to offer our online casino customers a selection of some of the best quality content, and we look forward to further collaboration with Playtech across more U.S. states in the future.”

Expanding its US presence

This Unibet partnership is the latest move as part of Playtech’s strategic expansion across the US. Playtech already has a presence in New Jersey through its deals with BetMGM and Bet365. New Jersey is consistently one of the biggest iGaming and sports betting markets in the US. There is a high barrier of entry, though, because of the presence of a wide range of operators.  

Playtech secured a lease for its first US-based live casino studio

Playtech also has a partnership in place with Parx Interactive, which has allowed Playtech to roll out its software in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. In March, Playtech secured a lease for its first US-based live casino studio.

In addition to its online casino in New Jersey, Unibet also has online casinos up and running in Virginia, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Thus, it is likely that Playtech casino software will also reach those offerings in the coming months.

Playtech is selling financial services division

Playtech is currently in the process of refocusing its attention on its B2C and B2B gaming divisions. Also this week, Playtech announced the long-awaited sale of its financial services division.

It is selling its Finalto division to Gopher Investments in an all-cash deal for $250m. The Playtech board has already unanimously supported the sale, but it still needs to get approval from shareholders. The current timeline is for the transaction to be completed in the first half of 2022. Playtech had previously rejected a $210m offer in August. The company believes that this sale will help to increase the stability and predictability of cash flows for the remaining group.


FIFA 22 Review: Gameplay, FUT, Career Mode, Pro Clubs & More

FIFA 22 Review: Gameplay, FUT, Career Mode, Pro Clubs & More – Soccer Advice



By Mugurel Olariu, RPD protectie date

The European Data Protection Board has evaluated and published a series of statistical data on the resources allocated by EU Member States to national supervisors■[1]. The move was made at the request of the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE Committee). Please note that the statistics cover both the 26 EU members and 3 EFTA countries – Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, which together form the EEA – the European Economic Area.

Below we present a selection of data categories – resources and application, and the answers provided, indicating the landmarks declared for the first and last ranked, and specifying Romania’s position within them, as follows:

I.Resources made available to the authorities by the Member States:

Budgets of national supervisors – hereinafter SA, must be interpreted in the light of possible differences in the area of competences, activities and financial responsibilities at national level. Data for 2020 and 2021:
1.Germany – 82,601,600 Euro and 94,793,900 Euro
26. Romania – 1,005,843 Euro and 1,023,563 Euro
29. Malta – 550,000 Euro and 620,000 Euro.
The vast majority of SAs explicitly state that they do not have sufficient resources – 82%, while there are some SAs that do not see the need for additional financial resources at this stage – 18%.

The charts provide information on the human resources made available to the EEA SA in 2020 and 2021■[2]. These resources must be interpreted in the light of possible differences in the area of competences, activities and financial responsibilities at national level.
The first chart is divided into 2 chapters, with over 100 and under 100 employees. In the first chapter – over 100 employees, there are 9 Member States, of which Germany has a number of 1004 employees in 2020 and 1084 employees in 2021. Romania is in 15th place among the 20 Member States in the second chapter – under 100 employees, with a number of 29 employees, both for 2020 and 2021. The last ranked is Lichtenstein with 7 employees in 2020 and 2021.
The vast majority of SAs explicitly stated that they do not have sufficient human resources – 86%, while there are some SAs that do not see the need for additional resources at this stage – 14%.

1). Number of staff working on complaints, enforcement and sanctions (FTE) Current situation on 01.01.2021
1.Germany = 717
22.Romania = 14
29. Liechtenstein = 2

2). % of staff working on cross-border and national cases – on 01.01.2021.
Of the 22 states, the top 3 reporting 100% for transnational and national cases are Cyprus, Bulgaria and Luxembourg. Romania declares a percentage of 50% for the transnational ones, ranking 8th with Sweden and 100% for the national ones.

3). Number of staff by position and studies
Number of staff by SA and by position (full-time equivalent, occupied positions) on 01/01/2021. It is divided into General Assistance, Legal, IT and Others. The “General Assistance” section covers the administrative assistance of the secretariat, the human resources department, the budget and finance, translation, data protection officers and the freedom of information departments. The “Other” section may cover, for example, directors, staff working for communication or education departments, researchers.
Germany | Romania | Liechtenstein
General assistance = 195 | 6 | 1
Legal = 380 | 6 | 4
IT = 103 | 0 | 2
Other = 17 | 3| 0


1. Total number of enforcement cases (national and cross-border cases)
Number of national application cases (from 25/05/2018 to 31/05/2021)
The concept of enforcement cases should be generally understood as a case where the SA is questioned about compliance with data protection legislation, including the handling of complaints, advice and signals regarding possible non-compliances and cases for which no formal investigation is launched.

Number of national enforcement cases registered per year:
Germany | Romania | Cyprus
2018, from 25.05.2018: 28.296 | 294 | 5
2019 = 57,278 | 527 | 36
2020 = 62,451 | 296 | 34
2021, until 31.05.2021: 17,616 | 288 | 19

Number of cross-border enforcement cases
The SA cooperates with each other under Chapter VII of the GDPR using Internal Market Information (IMI) and some procedures dedicated to cooperation under the GDPR. There are different procedures, such as for the identification of the Main Supervisory Authority (LSA) and the Supervisory Authorities involved (CSA), for the launch of a request for mutual assistance in accordance with Article 61 of the RGPD or for one-stop shops.

Number of cross-border cases per LSA and CSA
Germany | Romania | Liechtenstein | Slovenia
CSA 887 | 285 | 225 | 305
LSA 183 | 5 | 5 | 0

2. Complaints / Complaints
Number of cases based on complaints
Number of cases based on complaints received under art. 77 RGPD
Germany | Romania | Cyprus
2018, from 25.05.2018 = 13,252 | 4,822 | 5
2019 = 27,474 | 5,808 | 12
2020 = 40,309 | 5,082 | 21
2021, until 31.05.2021 = 8,098 | 1,733 | 9

Status on 31/05/2021 of cases based on complaints
Number of cases based on status complaints (Romania does not appear in statistics)
France | Germany | Liechtenstein
Complaints resolved 32,000| 25,849 * | 169
Complaints pending 10,103| 19,752 | 11
* – reported figures do not include values from all SAs in Germany

3. Ex officio investigations
Based on the GDPR, all SAs are competent to initiate ex officio investigations. Statistics on the number of ex-official investigations launched on SA, per year are included in the graph presented. Please note, however, that the concepts of what constitutes an ex officio investigation may vary between Member States, for example, based on national law.
Number of ex officio surveys launched per year
Romania | France | Malta
2018, from 25.05.2018 = 64 | 170 | 3
2019 = 385 | 301 | 5
2020 = 398 | 247 | 4
2021, until 31.05.2021 = 133 | 162 | 1

The situation on 31/05/2021 of the ex officio investigations
Romania | Denmark | Spain
Resolved = 980 | 511 | 0
Still pending= 0 | 135 | 2

protectia datelor

4. Exercise of the corrective powers of the HS in national and cross-border cases (from 25/05/2018 to 31/05/2021)
The total number of cases in which corrective powers were exercised
Ireland | Spain | Romania
Number of cases in which the SA limited or
prohibited data processing activities = 0 | 0 | 176
The total number of cases in which they were
executed corrective powers = 4086 | 2094 | 359

Total number of decisions with a fine per SA
Number of decisions with a fine per SA –
Germany | Romania | Slovenia
606 | 52 | 0

Number of decisions with fine per year and per SA
Number of cases with a fine per year and per SA (25/05/2018 to 31/05/2021)
Germany | Romania | Liechtenstein
2018 = 25 | 0 | 0
2019 = 166 | 28 | 0
2020 = 263 | 9 | 2
2021 = 152 | 15 | 0

The highest fine issued by SA
France | Romania | Liechtenstein
The largest fine issued by SA:
50 million Euro | 150,000 Euro | 4,400 Euro

Proportion of cases with ranges of fines
76% = less than 10,000 Euros,
19% = between 10,000 and 100,000 Euros
3% = between 100,000 and 500,000 Euros
2% = over 500,000 Euros

Allocated resources – funds and staff, relative to the volume of activity, show a fairly clear perspective in the exercise of SA responsibilities.
We do not believe that it can be absolute depending on the results, but the statistical figures of the activities carried out in the two years – 2020 and 2021, are quite comprehensive and especially convincing.

■[1] resources-made-available-member-states-data-protection_en

■[2] The EDPB has already provided an overview of the human resources of the SA from 2016-2019 in his contribution to the GDPR evaluation carried out in 2020 at the request of the European Commission., pp. 26-27.


San Manuel Casino is finding a new identify

In southern California and the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians has reportedly introduced that it is altering the identify of its flagship San Manuel On line casino to the Yaamava’ Vacation resort and On line casino at San Manuel.

According to a Friday report from the San Bernardino Sunshine newspaper, the federally-regarded tribe discovered that this rebranding work out need to be absolutely recognized by the time the assets premieres a new $760 million resort supplying some 432 rooms in December. The source defined that this 17-story endeavor is to sooner or later function 127 suites as perfectly as a refreshed pool and spa region in advance of being joined from early up coming calendar year by an adjacent 2,800-seat arena.

Refreshing renaissance:

The Resort Functions Vice-President for the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, Afsi Fowl, reportedly explained to the newspaper that Yaamava’ is a word from the Serrano language that implies ‘spring, a time for development and rebirth’. He purportedly went on to proclaim that the rebranding will let the expanded San Manuel On line casino to knowledge ‘a new commencing’ with its revised title matching ‘the beginning of this new making’ and ‘the birth of this new endeavor.’

Chook reportedly told the newspaper…

“Like any transformation, this improve is really significant to the tribe and it’s actually a great milestone for it to have this lovely luxurious vacation resort in the producing for the previous three yrs.”

Gradual expansion:

Located in San Bernardino County just north of the little city of Highland, the San Manuel Casino reportedly opened as the San Manuel Indian Bingo and On line casino in 1986 in advance of shortening its identify and including a bespoke gaming floor some eight decades later on. Operated by the California tribe’s San Manuel Leisure Authority organization, the development purportedly underwent a redevelopment in 2001 that observed its enhance of slots expanded to eventually encompass countless numbers of machines.

Added allure:

To keep up with soaring demand from customers and the San Bernardino Solar noted that the San Manuel On line casino premiered its present on line casino, parking garage and dining establishments in 2005 together with a bingo corridor that in addition served as an leisure location to host displays from artists as varied as Gloria Estefan, Drake, Kiss and Joan Rivers. This latter location was purportedly shut to be remodeled from November of 2017 into the Rockin’ Casino, which is a place that offers a variety of songs-themed slots in addition to various eateries.

Significant change:

Laurens Vosloo (pictured) serves as the Chief Government Officer for the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and he reportedly explained to the newspaper that the title-transform will allow for the new-glance Yaamava’ Resort and Casino at San Manuel to changeover ‘from a regional casino into a total-blown resort.’ He purportedly asserted that the shift comes as his tribe is finishing its beforehand-introduced invest in of the 700-home Palms On line casino Vacation resort property in Las Vegas and will also allow for the group ‘to honor its ancestral lands and culture.’

Vosloo’s assertion reportedly read…

We have now started shifting signage and purpose to have it done in the future couple of months. That mentioned, we are really reasonable in knowing that a lot of people today who have been component of San Manuel Casino’s journey might keep calling by its previous title for a when. In upcoming marketing strategies, which will seriously begin to introduce the new brand name later this calendar year, we will begin to peel back the layers of Yaamava’ and its opportunities.”


Online eSports Betting in South Africa » Bettingsites24

Esports betting is fun and entertaining. The popularity of these games has increased in recent years, and most betting sites in the industry offer a variety of options.

South African esports enthusiasts have a chance to enjoy an extensive range of markets and competitive odds on our top-rated bookmakers. The Bettingsites24 experts have trawled over the internet to bring you locally licensed sites that are approved by the SA government.

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Open an account with Marathonbet today and bet on a huge range of markets with the world’s favourite online sports betting company. T&Cs apply. 18+,

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Open an account with DoubleBet today and bet on a huge range of markets with the world’s favourite online sports betting company. T&Cs apply. 18+,

What is Esports?

what is esports?

Esports is a type of sports competition in the form of video games. It is also known as electronic sports and takes the form of multiplayer video games between professional players, either as teams or individually. In South Africa, esports is still not widely available, but we have provided the top betting sites that offer it in the list above.

How to Bet on Esports

how to bet on esports

Betting on esports is similar to traditional sports betting. The options are diverse, with the most popular one being Match Winner. Other betting esports bets include:

  • Group Winner
  • Draw
  • Handicaps
  • Over/Under
  • Group of Winner
  • Outright Winner

You may also find proposition bets in some bookmakers, also known as prop bets. These are dependent on specific games. An example is the First blood, where you bet on the team to score the first kill of the match.

You can also bet on prop bets like the longest kill streak, how long a match will last, and the total number of kills for a specific player.

The Most Popular Esports League, Games, and Tournaments

esports live betting and live streaming

Currently, the League of Legends is the most popular esports game in the market. More and more games are being launched every year, increasing the options for esports enthusiasts. Here are some of the popular titles available on most betting sites.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)
  • Dota 2
  • StarCraft II
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Rocket League
  • Call of Duty
  • Mobile Legends
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Hearthstone
  • NBA 2K
  • FIFA

All our recommended betting sites in our list offer a variety of betting opportunities to their players. The year 2021 has a great range of exciting tournaments and leagues such as Call of Duty League 2021, PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season O Finals, and more.

Esports Live Betting and Live Streaming

Live esports betting gives you an opportunity to get into action. Live streams make the esports gaming experience worthwhile while following your bets. Some betting sites offer bonuses that are exclusive to esports bettors. While this is uncommon, we are sure that more promotions will be added, following the rising popularity and growth of the esports industry.

Esports Classification as a Sport

Classifying esports as a sport brings about a controversial debate since it does not fall fully under the category. In essence, a sport involves physical exertion, entertainment, and skill. However, it doesn’t matter whether you view it as a sport or not. What is important is that you get the excitement and fun that comes with playing online esports.

Relevant news


Lottoland fined by the Gambling Fee with £760,000

Lottoland fined with £760,000 for failures in social accountability and anti-dollars laundering (AML) steps amongst October 2019 and November 2020.

The Gambling Commission has warned EU Lotto, the operator of Lottoland, and handed it a £760,000 great for failures in social obligation and anti-cash laundering (AML) steps involving Oct 2019 and November 2020.

The regulator uncovered that the operator had employed “ineffective” threshold triggers for economical hazard and had failed to discover consumers that regularly adjusted their deposit restrictions as at possibility. It also unsuccessful to carry out enough fiscal and affordability assessments and conducted insufficient conversation with players who had been at threat.

As for AML failings, it recognized insufficient evaluation of financial institution statements to validate customers’ addresses and failures to restrict accounts after generating resource of money requests. The operator had also permitted buyers to sign-up third-social gathering debit playing cards on their accounts.

Gambling Commission executive director Helen Venn claimed: “This circumstance, like other current enforcement action, was the end result of planned compliance action. All operators should be pretty knowledgeable that we will not be reluctant to get firm action from all those who fail to satisfy the significant expectations we be expecting for buyers in Britain.”

Lottoland CEO Nigel Birrell claimed: “Lottoland is fully committed to making sure the optimum benchmarks of compliance, which includes its anti-revenue laundering and social obligation obligations in all of the jurisdictions in which it operates.
The Gambling Fee great was related to legacy issues close to some of our compliance controls which have now been dealt with. Lottoland has substantial compliance actions in area and we are confident that our existing policies and processes meet all related standards.
Remedial action taken incorporated substantially elevated expenditure in our compliance operate, additional than doubling headcount, alongside a host of other initiatives such as bringing in third-social gathering help, improving education and a evaluate of important insurance policies.
In addition, we recently fully commited to setting up our person procedures into an automatic program to make improvements to the method even additional.”

Before this 7 days, British MPs announced an investigation into the Gambling Fee mainly because of grievances from the market.

Meanwhile, the new gambling minister criticised the regulator in his report on the collapse of Soccer Index, stating it has acted too slowly in excess of problems and had unsuccessful to recognize that the operator experienced the incorrect licence.

You need to also study the information from In this article.


UKGC Fines Lottoland £760K over AML, Dependable Gambling Deficiencies

EU Lotto, the operator of Lottoland’s British isles-facing web site, has been slapped with a £760,000 great by the Uk Gambling Commission over a series of social duty and income laundering failings.

The operator is also set to endure comprehensive impartial auditing after the regulatory agency noticed deficiencies in its liable gambling and anti-dollars laundering controls.

EU Lotto even more been given a formal warning for its failures which all transpired between October 2019 and November 2020.

The Lottoland operator’s social duty violations provided failing to consider shoppers often changing their deposit limitations as markers of damage and failing to conduct economical and affordability assessments to ascertain regardless of whether a shopper was becoming harmed or at danger of getting harmed.

The United kingdom-licensed operator was more scolded by the Gambling Fee for buyer interactions that predominantly consisted of an email staying despatched to players detailing the responsible gambling equipment available without having requiring a purchaser reaction.

The regulator explained that it could discover minor proof of interactions with customers becoming tailored to the extent of prospective damage.

Centered in Gibraltar, Lottoland is an on the internet gambling brand name that is ideal regarded for offering on the net bets on the outcomes of a variety of international lottery attracts.

Enterprise Also Penalized for AML Deficiencies

As portion of a probe into Lottoland’s things to do, the Gambling Commission also discovered a series of anti-revenue laundering deficiencies by the on the internet gambling model, which include failure to efficiently assessment and assess bank statements presented by gamers to prove handle.

In a message on its web-site announcing the most current penalty it has issued, the Uk regulator further pointed out that EU Lotto failed to limit shopper accounts following supply of funds requests and that it permitted gamers to register other people’s debit playing cards to their account.

The operator was further scolded for “relying too intensely on ineffective threshold triggers” failing to give suitable information and facts on how a great deal a bettor ought to be authorized to gamble based mostly on their profits, prosperity, or any other risk components.

Of the EU Lotto penalty, Gambling Commission Executive Director Helen Venn reported that this scenario, likewise to other current enforcement actions taken towards erring operators, was the outcome of prepared compliance action.

Ms. Venn even more stated that all their licensees “should be really mindful that we will not hesitate to take agency action versus those who fail to meet up with the higher standards we hope for customers in Britain.”

Of their high-quality in the Uk, Lottoland CEO Nigel Birrell mentioned that they are absolutely fully commited to ensuring the highest benchmarks when it will come to compliance, such as AML and social obligation obligations, in all jurisdictions that it operates in.

Mr. Birrell even further described that their penalty was relevant to “legacy issues” close to some of their compliance controls and that these concerns have been tackled. He also noted that they have significantly amplified investment decision in compliance, additional than doubled their compliance headcount, and undertaken a host of initiatives these as bringing third-party aid, improving coaching, and launching a evaluate into vital policies.

Source: Regulatory motion against EU Lotto, Gambling Fee Newsroom, September 23, 2021


MLB DFS Slate Breakdown (9/23/21) » DFS Karma

Welcome to the MLB DFS Slate Breakdown! In this article, I’ll offer my favorite cash and GPP plays to go along with the top stacks on our slate. You can find all of our Core Plays throughout MLB Premium Package, or you can click here to join our free Discord!


Vegas Overview – Below is an excerpt from our sister site, Bet Karma. It has daily player props, live trends (below), and much more! Access all odds, trends, and line movement for all sports here: BetKarma Live MLB Trends

Projections will be updated throughout the day. You can stay up to date on all of our latest projections by utilizing our FREE projections portal at DFS Karma.

NOTE: Tables are embedded in the breakdown and update LIVE. The various tables will update with starting lineups confirmation, when projections are edited in the projections portal(s), and every hour. If a table is showing an error message or is blank, please wait a moment and refresh the page and it should re-populate correctly. Thanks!

MLB DK Pitcher Table

Aaron Nola

Nola’s seen mixed results throughout the 2021 season. He’s posted a 4.48 ERA with a 3.29 xFIP and a 30.3% strikeout rate through 30 starts. He’s also coming off of a 29.8 DK point performance against the New York Mets. Nola gets a solid matchup against the Pittsburgh Pirates, who’ve recorded a .308 team wOBA and a 20% strikeout rate over the last 14 days. He’s a -267 favorite in a game set at 8.5 runs, and Nola’s grossly mispriced, specifically on DraftKings tonight.

Lance McCullers

McCullers is another solid pitching option on a limited slate. Through 26 starts, he boasts a 3.11 ERA with a 3.66 xFIP and a 27.5% strikeout rate. He’s also posted 20+ DK points in 3 consecutive starts. McCullers gets a great matchup against a struggling Los Angeles Angels team tonight. Over the last 14 days, they own a .289 team wOBA with a 21.2% strikeout rate. He’s a -162 favorite in a game set at 8.5 runs, and I feel McCullers is slightly safer than Luis Castillo in this particular matchup tonight.

Other GPP Targets: Luis Castillo, Alex Cobb


Top DraftKings Batters

MLB Top Batters

Top FanDuel Batters

FD MLB Top Batters



JT Realmuto

Realmuto’s finally priced appropriately on this slate, but he still makes an elite option. He’s hitting for a .325 average with a .525 slugging percentage and a .897 OPS over his last 10 games. He boasts 5 extra-base hits (1 home run), 9 RBIs, and 4 stolen bases over that span. Realmuto gets a great matchup against Connor Overton and Luis Oviedo, who are expected to share pitching duties tonight. Regardless of who’s on the mound, the edge goes to Realmuto, who’s expected to hit fourth in the Philadelphia Phillies lineup. He’s an elite option in all leagues on this slate.


Brad Miller

You’re going to need to save some salary on this slate, and Miller is one of the more interesting options. He’s been struggling, posting a .192 average with 3 extra-base hits (1 home run) and 1 RBI over his last 10 games. With that being said, Miller boasts plenty of upside for his price tag, especially against right-handed pitching. He’ll match up against Connor Overton and Luis Oviedo, and the remainder of the Pittsburgh Pirates bullpen. On this small of a slate, you can always consider cheap options in the top stacks, especially if they’re hitting fifth like Miller projects.


Nick Solak

There are a few great options at the top of second base, but I’m going to off a salary relief option here. Solak’s been struggling over his last 10 games, recording a .156 average with 1 extra-base hit and 2 RBIs. He’s flashed upside at times throughout his career, specifically against left-handed pitching. He gets a great matchup against Zac Lowther, who’s arguably the worst pitcher on this slate and struggled with home runs in limited innings in 2021. Solak’s expected to hit fifth in the Texas Rangers lineup, and he’s a solid alternative if you can’t get to the higher-priced options here.


Eugenio Suarez

Suarez is finally playing well for the Cincinnati Reds, recording a .308 average with a .577 slugging percentage and a .996 OPS over his last 10 games. Over that span, he posted 3 extra-base hits (2 home runs) and 2 RBIs. Suarez’s performed well against left-handed pitching throughout his career, and he gets a great matchup against Patrick Corbin tonight. He’s expected to hit fifth in the Cincinnati Reds lineup, and Suarez is a great option for his current price tag.

Editor’s Note: Remember, you can sign up for all of our Core Plays here, or join our free Discord here.


Kyle Farmer

Farmer’s found plenty of success in recent games, as he’s hitting for a .359 average with a .564 slugging percentage and a .939 OPS over his last 10 contests. He possesses 4 extra-base hits (2 home runs) and 6 RBIs in those games. Farmer’s looked great against left-handed pitching, and he gets a great matchup against Patrick Corbin tonight. He’s expected to hit second in the Cincinnati Reds lineup, and he can be used in all leagues with a cheap price tag.


Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies are the obvious outfield on this slate, as two of their three outfielders are cheap enough to easily fit into lineups. Odubel Herrera and Andrew McCutchen can be considered in all leagues as players around the $4k price tag. Bryce Harper is significantly more expensive, but he’s playing well enough to be used in all leagues. The edge clearly goes to any of these options over Connor Overton or Luis Oviedo.

Cincinnati Reds

I initially wanted to outline Nick Castellanos here, as he’s an option that can always be considered against left-handed pitching. He hasn’t been overly dominant in recent games, but I’m willing to pay up for him against Patrick Corbin. I changed it to the entire Cincinnati outfield because they have two minimum-priced options. Jose Barrero and Delino DeShields are both expected to draw starts. Neither’s been playing overly well in recent games, although they’ll open up plenty with their salaries, and they’re playing in one of the top offenses on this slate.


“Team Batting Score” – A metric that quickly highlights overall team batting based on Runs Created (RC+) by team and comparing it to the average and standard deviation of all other MLB Teams
“Opp. Pitcher SP Score” – A weighted metric that evaluates today’s starting pitchers based on xFIP and Games Started (currently using partial end of 2020 data blended with the 2021 season)
“Opp. BP Score” – Similar to SP Score but weights the xFIP for the team’s bullpen

Team Batting vs. Opp. Pitch

DraftKings Team Stacks

DK MLB Stacks

FanDuel Team Stacks

FD MLB Stacks

“T2” (and T3/T4/T5) represents the Top 2 projected hitters for the team on the left (not necessarily the top 2 hitters in the batting order)

Stacking is an extremely important element to MLB DFS. In MLB, all of your players are correlated to each other. Outside of solo home runs, they need each other to succeed. If you look at the top of all of the big GPPs every night you will see stacks dominating the leaderboard.

When using our stacks chart, we want to identify teams that are projecting well but the ownership does not reflect their chance of success.

We only have a five-game slate tonight, limiting our choices for stacks. There are a few obvious ones, and my three favorites are listed below.

DraftKings 5-Man Stack Ideas

PHI – Herrera/Segura/Harper/Realmuto/Miller

CIN – India/Farmer/Castellanos/Votto/Suarez

TEX – Taveras/Kiner-Falefa/Ibanez/Garcia/Peters

DraftKings 3-Man Stack Ideas

PHI – Herrera/Segura/Realmuto

CIN – Farmer/Castellanos/Suarez

TEX – Ibanez/Garcia/Peters


Written by Justin Bales (Follow @BalesSJustin on Twitter)


IGT adds Stack Attack slots to performance-driving game portfolio

IGT adds Stack Attack slots to performance-driving game portfolio for Romania

IGT continues to fortify its content portfolio for Romania with compelling, market-attuned fruit games that engage players. The latest of which is IGT’s Stack Attack game on the highly lauded Cobalt27 cabinet. Stack Attack is just one of many products that demonstrates how IGT has the right products, people and services to drive growth and entertain players in the region. The global gaming company draws upon its decades of experience, local insights and industry-leading patent portfolio to deliver performance-tested and market-attuned games, cabinets and solutions for Romania.

Stack Attack is a thrilling fruit game that features the unique and frequently hitting Stack Attack feature, which allows up to five reels to link together and create big wins. When the Stack Attack feature is triggered and the next game is played at the same bet level, all reels that appeared with the frame marker in the previous game are synched and populate the same symbols as reel one. With a vibrant art package, the chance to win 1,000X the original bet and mechanics that are proven to resonate with local players, Stack Attack is the ideal game to continue IGT’s momentum in the region.

Stack Attack

IGT has placed an emphasis on fortifying its 40-game multigame packs with fruit games that align with local player preferences. Stack Attack joins IGT’s Rising Spins as some of the most in-demand games within the Company’s latest USwitch pack for the region.

Rising Spins is a high-energy fruit game that includes an innovative “buy-a-bonus” feature that gives players the option to pay to trigger the game’s namesake Rising Spins free games event which is full of excitement. For example, when in the bonus, each time a line win occurs, the number of free spins remaining resets to three, and the current symbol on the reels is upgraded to the next higher symbol. When a line win is achieved in Rising Spins’ Free Games, the current symbol is upgraded to another symbol of higher value. This continues until the player reaches the most valuable symbol on the price table, the Red Seven symbol. After a win is achieved with the Red Seven symbol, the player moves up to the next level, but this time starting from a higher value symbol than the previous level.

“IGT is committed to keeping our content bundles for Romania fresh and ever-evolving based on player preferences and trends,” said Petko Ivanov, IGT Sales Director, Eastern Europe. “Stack Attack will elevate the excitement at any gaming venue and is the ideal complement to many IGT games that are already in the region.”

IGT adds Stack Attack slots to performance-driving game portfolio for Romania
IGT slot

Great games comprise only a portion of IGT’s leadership strategy for the region. The multi-national company also delivers quality hardware that players enjoy. IGT’s best-in-class cabinets for Romania provide players with a comfortable, ergonomic and engaging play experience. Currently, players in Romania can enjoy IGT’s USwitch games on the PeakSlant32 cabinet and the Cobalt27 cabinet.

The PeakSlant32 cabinet instantly modernizes the look and feel of any gaming floor. The hallmark of this expertly crafted slot machines is its three, 32-inch seamlessly integrated, high-definition gameplay displays. These pristine displays allow for performance-tested IGT content to flow through all three monitors, creating an immersive player experiences and a compelling showcase for IGT games. The PeakSlant32 cabinet also includes IGT’s most advanced lighting and audio technology and an innovative Dynamic Player Panel that includes a 13.3-inch multi-touch display, an inductive wireless charging pad, and a USB charging port for player convenience. The Cobalt 27 cabinet represents IGT’s commitment to design that enhances player engagement. Clad with two high-definition 27-inch screens, a 24-inch video topper, integrated cabinet lighting, and Dynamic Player Panel with dual bash buttons, this cabinet is designed to fit operators’ unique needs and forge new opportunities for their gaming floors. Its universal appeal is enhanced by its advanced ergonomics and a built-in external USB charging port.

IGT adds Stack Attack slots to performance-driving game portfolio for Romania

“IGT’s position as a global supplier enables us to draw upon a vast portfolio of games, cabinets and patented game features to develop the absolute best solutions for each gaming region that we serve,” added Ivanov. “IGT commits significant R&D dollars and many hours performance testing our cabinets to ensure that they’ll meet player and operators’ needs.”

In addition to great content and leading-edge hardware, IGT is powered by a dedicated team who is passionate about gaming and committed to driving results. Earlier this year, IGT opened an office in the GREEN GATE building Bucharest where the local team meets with customers and provides an opportunity to play IGT’s latest games. The Company also expanded its sales team in the region, giving local operators even more access to IGT talent.

“People are the heart of any organization and the team that we continue to build for Romania is the very best in the region,” noted Ivanov. “Our recently opened office in Bucharest has enabled us to spend more time with our customers and provide a comfortable place for them to experience our latest games and solutions.”

For more information on IGT’s portfolio of solutions for the Romania market, contact Romania Sales Manager Oana Sebe by phone at +40 729.957.795, by email at [email protected], or visit 


Best Aspect Bets – How to Detect

Blackjack side bets are almost as well known as the video game itself. Funnily plenty of, most blackjack facet bets have practically nothing to do with the ongoing recreation. But players location bets on various areas of the recreation to win a tiny additional funds exterior of the activity. Now Blackjack aspect bets may well be enjoyable to enjoy, but the casinos location them strategically. So there is a big likelihood that they are more financially rewarding for the casino. One particular of the primary factors to look at about a aspect bet is the household edge. Numerous well-known side bets have higher dwelling edges and persons eliminate income mainly because of it. In this article are some of the most well-known facet bets and their execs and downsides for you.

Insurance policy

The Insurance side wager has some of the lowest property edge casinos have to present. The dwelling edge for Insurance plan is about 2.5%. This wager is very controversial. A large amount of players stay clear of it. But players that are very good at card counting feel that Insurance is one of the very best facet bets. You can location this wager right after the dealer’s face-up card is an ace. Then the players place the bet on the expected result that the seller has a blackjack. If he does, then the Insurance pays out at 2:1. This way, the participant gets again their all round stake. But you will require a pretty keen know-how of the match and be great at card counting to win this wager.

Best Pairs

A person of the most very simple and most well-liked bets is the Great Pairs side guess. In this type of guess, the participant locations their bet on no matter whether the to start with two playing cards that are dealt will be the exact same. They may or may possibly not be the exact fit. The payout is much bigger if they are from the similar suit. The wager is easy ample. But it has a residence edge of just about 11%. A higher house edge implies that the players do not gain for the most aspect. But it also implies that the payout is pretty higher if they win since the stakes are higher. This is a simple wager anyone can location, you do not need card counting procedures for this.


Yet another very simple but successful aspect guess is the 21+3. This also has a decrease residence edge of 3.24%. This is a well known side wager simply because you can bet on 5 feasible outcomes with this. The initially 1 staying the Flush, wherever the 1st a few playing cards are of the exact go well with. The payout for this is 5:1. The next one particular is the Straight and the bet is that the initial 3 playing cards will make up a numerical sequence but will not be from the very same go well with. The payout is 10:1. The 3rd just one is known as Three of a Kind, the wager is that the 1st a few cards will be of the very same price but not from the identical match. The payout is 30:1.

The fourth one particular is known as Straight Flush where by the bet is that the player’s first two playing cards and the dealer’s up card make up a suited numerical sequence. The payout is 40:1. The previous 1 is known as the Suited A few of a Form and the bet is that the player’s two playing cards and the dealer’s up card will be identical in match, price, and colour. The payout is 100:1 for this. 21+3 is a quite common form of bet and fairly rewarding too.

Royal Match

This is yet another popular side wager in the blackjack desk. The bet is that you have to get two suited cards. The perfect situation is that you will get a pair of suited king and queen, so the identify. This will work greatest in a multi-deck game. The payout is pretty great in this bet as nicely. For a suited pair it is 5:2 and for a pair of suited king and queen, it is 25:1.


There you have it. Some of the best side bets offered in Blackjack. A superior payout and a very low house edge will be the most profitable to you if you are trying to come across a good aspect guess. There are other facet bets as perfectly, like Super Sevens and Above/Underneath 13. These are very well-liked amongst the players as properly. Keep in mind that most of the time, facet bets are dependent completely on luck. This can be a exciting tiny facet action for you. But hold your focus on the key activity, as that is exactly where you can flex your authentic gambling techniques. The most important activity is also a position in which you will be ready to make cash.

Now that you know how to establish blackjack facet bets. Appear and head in excess of to JeetWin. Perform blackjack and be a winner!