Combating COVID – is striving immediately after perfection the enemy of the very good? –

I are living in Bedford which over the past couple of weeks has been singled out as a COVID hotspot and each and every day, later on in the afternoon, I nearly constantly check out out the most current knowledge for the borough which is all on the exceptional governing administration COVID site.

A single of the data I look at is the complete amount of fatalities which is described as “Number of fatalities of people today who experienced experienced a optimistic examination outcome for COVID-19 and died inside 28 times of the initial favourable check.” Now, this stands at 485 for the spot which is a horrible toll but what is the trend?

Searching via the daily figures we locate that considering the fact that April 8th there has been just been one particular COVID dying in the spot for on that day – just two months ago – the total was 484.

So in what is currently being singled out as a hotspot there has just been a single dying in this two thirty day period period. My guess is that non-hotspots have even improved figures.

The other facts exhibits that full of 108,511 of the grownup population have been vaccinated which represents 70.2%. Of people 73,948 have had their 2nd jab which is 47.9% of the inhabitants.

It is in this context that so termed “freedom day” has been place back again two months and I have been unable to see my two US-centered grandchildren for two lengthy a long time.

Mike Smithson