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Finally we launched it - the weblog project of the year. At least for us, but I think it is really a very nice and interesting project:

The Weblog weallspeakfootball.com is a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of football fans around the big upcoming event - the 2006 FIFA World CupTM in Germany from June 9th until July 9th.

An apartment in Berlin Wilmersdorf will be the meeting point for FIFA World CupTM fans and bloggers from all over Europe. The pro bloggers - Lyssa, Anil, Gabemac and Gabeb - will take turns living in the apartment during the tournament and use it as a home base to blog about the competition, atmosphere, events and anything else happening around the FIFA World CupTM in Germany.

We have a 220 square meter flat with an awesome patio on the rooftop in the center of Berlin, close to Kurfürstendamm. And we have a bunch of pro Bloggers who will blog live for 30 days from the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. The Bloggers are leading Vloggers Gabriel McIntyre & Gabe Bauer from Xolo.tv, it's Anil de Mello from Mobuzz.tv and it is the unrivaled german female lead blogger Katharina "Lyssa" Borchert from Lyssa's Lounge. They will have the time of their life and the best is: everybody who's interested is invited - fill out the application form and let us know when you wanna be part of the team... You are a football fan, a blogger, or both? Let us know and drop by and spend some days at THE place during the Worldcup! Proud sponsor of this fantastic event is Coca-Cola.

I'll be around there occasionally too and it would be great to meet some of you at the World Cup Blogging Homebase in Berlin!

If you write about the project please use the technorati tag: (makes it much easier to track the buzz ;-)
blundstone (Gast) meinte am 16. Mai, 11:48:
niice, nice.
looking forward to some world cup blogging. 
docvoo antwortete am 16. Mai, 11:56:
me too.
and apparently 'lightolivegreen' is the new trendcolor of this season. 
Sierra antwortete am 16. Mai, 14:19:
do the application form and check out the appartment! ;-)